Anyone can go through the motions of having sex, but wouldn’t you rather have great, passionate, and fulfilling sex? Most couples would answer that question with a giant “Yes!”

So, what’s preventing them from reaching that goal?

It could be one (or more) of the following:


...Lack of Desire  

...Pushing Boundaries 

...Lack of Communication

...Past Hurt 

...Other Priorities


The Spark is here to help. 

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Access to The Spark video series includes: 

  • Real-life scenarios about why your love life might be suffering as a married couple 
  • Medical, social, and psychological information on how to handle these situations so you can rebuild your emotional and physical connections with the one you love
  • 12 Coaching Videos led by Dr. Joe Beam, founder and chair of Marriage Helper 

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After earning his bachelor's degree (Magna Cum Laude) from Southern Christian University, Dr. Beam studied Clinical Psychology at the University of Evansville. He earned his Ph.D in health science from the University of Sydney with a research emphasis in sexual satisfaction. 


Get The Spark By Dr. Joe Beam


The Spark Will Help You:

  • Learn about yourself
  • Better understand the needs of your spouse
  • Grasp an understanding of what’s preventing you and your spouse from enjoying a passionate sex life together


You will learn how to talk to your spouse about your sexual relationship and how to handle thoughts and fantasies that make either you or your spouse feel dirty or uncomfortable.

You will be respected. Everything is always discussed in a manner that respects your values and beliefs. While Dr. Beam is open and honest in every video and discusses some hard-to-talk-about topics, it’s all done with respect and decency.

You will get practical resources. Activities in the workbook will reveal your own sexuality, measure your sexual compatibility, and give you a powerful new way to enjoy sex while still holding to your personal values.

You will discover how to create the sex life you desire. You will understand what’s hindering you, better understand your spouse's needs, and know what you and your spouse can do to give yourselves the sex life you both desire.