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Get your spouse back.

Your husband or wife has said your marriage is over and they’re ready to move on with their life.

Where does this leave you?

We have helped thousands of people in this exact situation.

You are not without hope and it's not too late to make a difference in your marriage.

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Fix Your Marriage

No gimmicks, just research-based principles that thousands of couples have used to fix their marriage.

Stop Pushing Your Spouse Away

Learn how to come across to your partner as your best self—the person they fell in love with, at the beginning of your relationship.
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Respond In A Calm And Gentle Way

We'll give you conversation starters and how to respond in a way that shows your true character, allowing you to become their safe place.
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Attract Your Spouse Back To You

Get your spouse to fall back in love with you. This can only happen when you focus on becoming the best version of yourself.
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Your Host:

Kimberly Beam Holmes

Kimberly is passionate about saving marriages and strengthening families while helping people become the best versions of themselves. Because of their unique process, Marriage Helper has a 70% success rate in saving marriages. A frequent speaker at women’s conferences and alongside Dr. Joe Beam at marriage events, Kimberly is currently finishing her PhD in Psychology. She lives in Tennessee with her husband of 9 years and her two children.

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When our world fell apart, everything we found said to give up, your marriage is over, it can’t come back from this…Marriage Helper said the opposite. This organization has been instrumental in our healing, and is one of the main reasons that we’re still married today.


What You'll Learn

  • How to attract your spouse
  • How to find ways to talk to your spouse
  • How to avoid fights
  • How to convince your spouse that the marriage is worth saving